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What is Zeolite?

Volcanic Mineral

One hundred million years ago, volcanoes rose from the sea, dividing continents, creating mountains and forming much of the land as we know it. As these volcanoes erupted, molten lava and thick ash poured into the sea. The combination of thick ash and the salt from the sea caused a chemical reaction, and over thousands of years, precious minerals like zeolites began to form in the hardened lava.

What's a Zeolite?

The story of the "volcanic rocks" has been passed down from generation-to-generation.

Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals with an unique, complex crystalline structure.

Zeolites are a group of minerals formed when molten lava from ancient volcanoes mixed with sea water.


The Action Of Zeolite

The most powerful member of the zeolite family (clinoptilolite) in its raw form

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